The Book

Why I Love My Gay Boyfriend

When Veronica graduated with an MBA and dreams of saving the world, she never knew she would end up a corporate slave to the lipstick gods and in love with her playboy boss.

Veronica has her heart set on saving the world, one starving child at a time. She chooses glamour over philanthropy and accepts a job at Gisele, a global cosmetic empire. Veronica struggles to fit in until she meets Stevie, a gay co-worker, and soon-to-be fashion counsellor.

Under Stevie’s mentorship, Veronica flourishes as a vixen and corporate warrior. But for Veronica to truly succeed at Gisele and seduce her boss, she must bequeath her soul to the makeup gods and sacrifice her friends. How far does Veronica go before she realizes she is losing everything she once valued, including herself?

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