Meet the Cast




MATEO.  He had more testosterone than I believed to be normal. After speaking to him, I felt like taking a bath in Purrell. 








SAVANNAH. She looked like a scary clown, except with better makeup.

She seemed to live on the brink of collapse on a diet of baby carrots, champagne and contempt for others.




Why I love Stevie



STEVIE. Maybe it was the martinis talking but I believed that Stevie could very well be my platonic soul mate. It was like he knew the inner workings of my being and could only bring out the most fabulous in me.




Meet Veronica



VERONICA. My decision to accept a job at Gisele, a global cosmetics empire, was easy. Lack of options and desperation lead to swift decision-making.

My  best friends took me out to our favourite pub, The Betty Ford Clinic, as consolation, rather than celebration. While settling didn’t deserve a fist bump, it certainly served as a valid reason to drink excessively.