The world, in 18/20 vision

Ignorance is bliss, much like my experience when I don’t wear glasses. I have 18/20 vision, which is just enough to make do driving in familiar streets but not enough to see the anger in people’s faces when you cut them off. Or the actual car that you cut off, for that matter.

Blurry Book Signing

18/20 vision is like TV without HD – before news personalities had to get Botox. It blurs the undesirable parts, like mirrors in bikini change rooms. Would the world be a better place if everyone saw it through the lens of 18/20 vision? Speaking from experience, no, eye sight is critical most of the time, like when you need to see where you’re going.

But when you get there, I recommend taking off your glasses and being happily unaware of the food stuck in your teeth or that the person you’re waving to is a complete stranger or the pointed looks you’re getting for speaking too loudly on your cell phone. Just be happy you got there, if only for a bit.

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