Why smart women love chick lit

Sabrina (57)

In honour of International Chick Lit Month, and my favourite chick lit novel, Why I Love My Gay Boyfriendwhich also happens to my own novel, I attempt to demystify why smart women love chick lit.

1. Guilty Pleasure – women like to know that someone is unluckier and clumsier than them but so darn loveable at the same time!

2. Intrigue and Giggles – a one-stop shop for torrid affairs, silly humour and exclamation marks!

3. Happy Ending – get the guy, get revenge, emerge victorious.

4. Female Indulgence – there’s a girly girl in all of us and chick lit is unapologetically for women.

5. Light Fun –  we work hard and we work a lot. At the end of the day, there’s only so much room in our brains.

Which is why, as a courtesy, I’m ending this list at 5.

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