Tattoos and ADD

I’ve been enjoying watching Adam Levine and his sexy tattoos on The Voice. I’m fascinated by what could possibly inspire someone to endure intense amounts of pain in order to permanently etch something on their skin for life. As someone who has what could be diagnosed as a mild form of ADD, I can’t even endure my favourite pair of shoes for more than one season. Mmm…shoes…what was I writing about again?

I read somewhere that the part of your brain responsible for judgment is not fully formed in your teenage years. This explains A LOT and is particularly relevant when reflecting upon my questionable choice of hairstyles in high school. Think layered perm and teased bangs. Ew.

Until your brain develops, that’s what parents are for. At a certain milestone birthday in my youth, I had asked my parents whether I should get a tattoo or a belly button ring.  My parent’s preference would help me determine which was less cool. In a feat of brilliant reverse psychology that still astounds me to this day, my parents enthusiastically encouraged me to get a tattoo. I promptly got a belly button ring. But alas, after a nasty infection, my days of sporting a belly button ring were spare. What a glorious victory for my parents.

Years later, still unpierced and un-tramp-stamped, I’d like to thank my parents for messing with my undeveloped brain because it has prevented me from a lifetime of explaining to people why I got a stupid dolphin tattoo.

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2 thoughts on “Tattoos and ADD

  1. LOL! I love reading your posts, they seriously crack me up. I shall remember this for when my kids ask me about tattoos. I personally did the navel ring in my twenties and removed it when I was thirty. I figured a thirty year old was too old for a navel piercing. I did however, get a tattoo when I was turning 40. It looks like henna on my foot and everyone comments on my henna. I like it cuz it’s easily hidden and blends in with my skin. But it reminds me of a turning point in my life and I love it. Perhaps you’ll be writing another post when you get stamped? : )

    • I’m so happy this made you laugh! I love making people laugh, especially at my expense! I have to give my parents props – they gambled and scored on the tattoo strategy. I love that you got a henna tattoo – henna is so beautiful and it takes the edge off a tattoo.

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